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meat cold storage

Meat Cold Storage

We use meat cold storage to keep meat fresh, delicious and safe. Minimum temperature required by regulations for meat cold storage is -18°C.

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To keep meat fresh, delicious and safe, we need to understand the correct meat storage procedures, whether frozen or chilled. Meat cold storage is an important option to use. Minimum temperature required by regulations for meat cold storage is -18°C.

If you want or need to prolong the life of your meat for as long as possible, it’s crucial that you follow the correct safe storage procedures. Harmful bacteria begin to develop in raw meat from the moment an animal is slaughtered, making storage an incredibly time sensitive process.

Meat cold storage need to be meet the freezing temperatures for meats

Your meats should be frozen at a temperature of -18°C. To maintain maximum freshness, meat should be frozen as quickly as possible. This is important to retain the flavour, texture and aesthetics of the produce, as well as to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Meat cold storage is one of the best options to freeze meats quickly and effectively.

meat cold storage

How long we can keep meets safely in meat cold storage

Meat will stay fresh at -18°C if storage procedures, up until this point, have been followed correctly. Meats storage time are different according to the fat and water content, as well as the size of the cut.

For example: Storage time of beef and lamb are 12 months, storage time of veal, pork are 10 months and 8 months, and storage time of beef mince and sausage are 6 months.

Larger cuts of meat will almost always have a smaller storage time, as they take longer to blast freeze initially. 

Alongside this, you should be careful never to overfill your meat cold storage as this can cause meat to freeze slowly or unevenly. 

When storing chilled raw meat, it’s important to keep it well wrapped and away from other non-meat foods, so that there is no chance of cross-contamination.

If you are keep more than one type of product in a meat cold storage, you must always keep meat produce low down to avoid any drips from leaking packaging.

meat cold storage

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